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Programmable LED Signs are great for personalizing how you want your business or venue advertised. Customize messages to attract and increase sales. Made for outdoor or indoor use, they can be programmed with a multitude of messages/symbols and light sequences. Each programmable sign comes with its own software that we show you how to use, that way when you want to program a different message you can do it yourself very easily. Instead of the classic “Open/Closed” message why not display your current deals or even something as simple as your store hours. 


  1. 16 x 64 pixels for 2.1" x 7.5" x 39" and 16 x 96 pixels for 2.1"x 7.5" x 51.5"
  2. Able to show text, time, animation, graphic
  3. Many different actions: Scroll, direct, flash, snow, spray, laser,rotate....
  4. programming software included
  5. 1 year warranty  
  6. We customize the led signs with any size and color. The possibilities are limitless! Please leave a message or call us to find more...

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