LED Channel Letters

3D Channel letters are a 3-dimensional custom shape, letter or number fabricated using sheet metal, most often aluminum as it will not rust. Often used for company signs and advertisement, channel letters present a more modern feel compared to your conventional means.

There are multiple styles of channel letters including but not limited to..

Front Lit

Halo Lit

Front and Back Lit

Channel letters w/o Illumination


Channel Letters Diagram


A more in-depth look…

Channel Letters are a 3-dimensional graphic sign piece. The channel is constructed from metal, more often aluminum since aluminum doesn’t rust. A computer controlled router is often used to do the precise cutting required, this is the basis for the letters shape. The returns (sides) of the channel letter are made by bending a several-inch wide strip of aluminum around the back. The sides are then welded, flanged, riveted, or tied with galvanized or stainless wire to the back. The letter is then painted and wired with LED Strip lighting to create the desired design and effect.

Channel Letters Styles


A custom-built 3D Channel Letter Sign will definitely make your business stand out among the crowd. They give off a ‘cleaner’ look then conventional signage, giving the feel that your business is newer, more up-to-date or modern. These signs are cost efficient and our prices best ALL others. All you need to do is take pictures of where you want the signage installed, and along with those pictures, any existing art that you want manufactured, and send it to us. After we receive that information we will make it our top priority to get back to you as soon as possible with a quote detailing the costs and anything that you may need to know about the depicted signage.


You may give us a call, send us an email for a custiom-build Channel Letter Sign!

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